Because there are innumerable things beyond the range of human understanding, we constantly use symbolic images to represent
concepts that we cannot define or fully comprehend.

– Carl Jung

My art began in the back of school notebooks, where dissent and creative impulse could find expression. Drawing was a private world and I was free to explore the boundaries of my imagination.

I draw in response to unfolding events in my life. Images, words and symbols are an interpretive language which bridge the space between my inner and outer worlds.

I choose to play on the edges of chance. My drawings are an authentic expression of the moment – with little reworking, and I am often surprised by what they reveal.
I do not wish the artwork to be engaged with in a literal way. For me, there is no definitive meaning; no clear solution; no resolve; no singular interpretation for each piece. I enjoy both meaning or the lack of it to play lightly through the images. I use titles obliquely, sometimes to tease, sometimes to point the way.

My images are best appreciated when presented as a body of work. They become an imaginative world, where each drawing or sculpture is part of an ongoing narrative – fragments of stories to be told and retold. They may evoke a memory, stir a feeling, or spark a recognition. I leave the viewer to take up pieces of the story in their own way.

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